Our Team

Golf Todd Pospisil, Wade Olson, Bev McKillip, Rod Marsden, Dave Maggart, Michelle Kluver, Randy Hagedorn, Jill Marsden
Greens Portia Becker, Warren Reimer, Bob Dudley, Russ McKillip, Rick McCoy, Klay Kluver
House Michelle Dudley, Lori Williams, Becky Maggart, Don Polodna, Kathleen Colton, Keri Noel, Stephanie Pospisil
Ladies Golf Jill Marsden
Finance Bob Dudley, Todd Pospisil, Jared Faltys, Lance Morrow
Membership Barry Gerber, Cole Williams, Jake Claussen, Brad Noel, Russ McKillip, Dr. Zack Gangwer, Dr. Chandra Ponniah, Stephanie Pospisil, Jill Marsden
Cole Williams, President
Stephanie Pospisil, Vice-President
Lance Morrow, Treasurer/Secretary
Lelice Newcomb, Stand-in Secretary
Jill Marsden, Ladies President
Board of Directors
Cole Williams
Stephanie Pospisil
Lance Morrow
John Lund
Dave Maggart
Klay Kluver
Jill Marsden
Dr. Chandra Ponniah
Dr. Zack Gangwer
Jake Claussen
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