Golf Programs


Men's Stag
Every Tuesday, male golfers ages 18 and over may participate in the Men's Stag event.

Men's Golf Association
The Men's Golf Association is designed for male members ages 18 and over who wish to participate in a series of golf events throughout the year.

Men's League
Every Thursday male golfers ages 18 and over may participate in our Men's League. League is determined by the number of members who are interested in being involved.


Ladies' Golf
Every Wednesday female golfers ages 18 and over may participate in the Ladies' Fun Night. Ladies wishing to play 18 holes may begin play at 9 am or 3:30 pm. Ladies wishing to play 9 holes will begin at 5:45 pm.

Ladies' League
Ladies' League is determined by the number of members who are interested in being involved.


Junior Golf Program
The Junior Golf Program offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes, which are geared toward two different age groups, under 9 years and over 9 years. Classes consist of everything, from the short game to the long game, while learning golf etiquette and rules.

Family Fun Night
These events are held one Sunday afternoon each month for three months during summer.

Special Club Events

Couples' Golf
Four 9-hole Couples' Golf events are offered from May to August each year and include prizes and dinner.

"Summerfest" Member-Guest Championship
Members and guests will enjoy three days of golf, great food and entertainment. Preceding the tournament, teams participate in a fun practice round event. The title of Member-Guest Champion is given to the team who finishes first the two-day event. Ladies, please enjoy the 9-hole event exclusively for you held this weekend.

Labor Day Classic
Golfers from all over the United States travel to Norfolk, Nebraska, to participate each year in the Oldest Amateur Tournament in our state. This event offers a Par 3 Tournament, Shootouts, Putting Contests and the two-day event leading to the presentation of trophies for the winners of each flight.


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